Prat de Comte City Council
Pl. de l'Església, 3, 43595, Prat de Comte
(0034) 977 428 284

Prat de Comte is a village in the Terra Alta region located in the northeastern sector of Els Ports Natural Park. It is believed that the town was founded during the Late Middle Ages, after the Christian restoration and its name could refer to the ‘Prat donat pel comte’ (the meadow given by the count).

With respect to the village’s economy, it has been mainly based in agriculture and livestock.

Among the main heritage resources in the village, the parochial church of Sant Bartomeu stands out, of baroque Renaissance style and built in the 17th century; the cross of the Templars or cross of the municipality located in the church square; the ancient oil mill, located in the dining hall of the hostel; and the oven of Morruno, which dates from 1860 and houses the distillery in its basement, where it is possible to see the transformation process of wine into aiguardent (moonshine). In fact, the typical elaboration of this spirituous liquor has led to the creation of the Festa de l’Aiguardent, a festival which takes place every year in mid-October.

In the vicinity of the village we can also find the Teix, a monumental and millenary tree located in the Tossal del Grilló, the highest and southernmost point of the municipality.