Honey Interpretation Centre
C/ Antoni Gaudí, 8, 43597, Arnes
977 435 134

The Honey Interpretation Centre of Arnes is a divulgation and exhibition space focused on the honey, its culture and its tradition, in order to reinforce the identity bond of Arnes with this centennial tradition.

The objective of this centre is to preserve and divulge the beekeeping tradition as a key element of the village’s heritage, and to make public the surprising world of bees.

Aimed at families, the centre was opened to the public in August 2008 and it was completely remodelled in 2016.

The centre has three different educational and ludic spaces that, with the latest technologies, show the visitor everything related to the honey and bees world by means of a dynamic and funny approach.

The information is displayed in different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.